Whidbey Island Farm Tour Relaunch

With the harvest season upon us, you may be curious to know about the status of the Whidbey Island Farm Tour, which usually happened around this time of year. From 2006 to 2015, the Whidbey Island Farm Tour successfully held 10 annual farm tours that raised awareness of the island’s farms and farming practices, and helped to improve the economic sustainability of Whidbey Island’s farms. After the latest farm tour was complete in September 2015, the Farm Tour Committee, in concert with the Whidbey Island Conservation District, decided to take a hiatus from the Farm Tour format. This was done in response to the diversity of farm characteristics, as well as to thoughtfully address the evolving needs of Whidbey Island’s farms by initiating discussions among the farmers themselves. The result is establishment of the Whidbey Island Growers Association, the relaunch of the Whidbey Island Grown brand, and the creation of Whidbey Island Grown Week. For the historic overview of these exciting developments  read more here https://bit.ly/2GJYc7C.